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Collecting Space began as a solo home studio project by myself at my childhood home in Granville, OH. I started writing music in 2006, and really got into recording in 2008. I played on and off with friends and bands up until 2008 as well. I started teaching myself how to play keyboards to add to my songs, and began completing full demos of the songs that made it onto ‘Subside’.

Early in 2010, Vince and I met through our mutual appreciation of a few progressive rock bands via an online posting, and instantly hit things off. We started working on arrangements of my demos, and brought in my friend Preston Tamkin on keyboards to recreate the songs for live performance. Fred Holtzclaw came into the fold on bass guitar from a previous metal project that we worked on. Collecting Space started playing live shows in the summer of 2011, and we began recording final tracks during October and November of 2011. The first record, entitled 'Subside', was released on December 20th, 2011.

Kaleb Burkhart (December 2011)


released December 20, 2011

Collecting Space is…
Kaleb Burkhart and Vincent DeRosa
with Preston Tamkin and Fred Holtzclaw

Music and lyrics written by Kaleb Burkhart
except Cessation and Realistic - music written by Burkhart/DeRosa
Arrangements by Collecting Space

Written from 2006 to 2011
Produced and recorded between October - November 2011
by Kaleb Burkhart at Gates of Dawn, Granville, OH
Drum recording by John Kent and Nate McDonough October 2011
at Sound Cellar Recording, Pickerington, OH

Stereo mix by Kaleb Burkhart with Vincent DeRosa
Stereo mix mastered by Jon Fintel

Audio resolution: 96KHz / 24-bit

Artwork and layout - Vincent DeRosa and Kaleb Burkhart
Cover photography by Vincent DeRosa

Kaleb would like to thank...
Mom, Dad and Jessica Burkhart, Vincent DeRosa (and Craigslist for bringing us together), Ricky and Kristen Chapman, Nicholas Krafft and Nicole Lee, Anthony and Monica Burkhart, Sarah Wellman, Dane Runyon and Ron Miller at Satori Audio, Jay Gullion, Nicklas Barker (for answering all my random mellotron questions!) and all the people that I forgot to mention... I love you all, and I am forever indebted with my deepest gratitude.

Vince would like to thank...
First and foremost my wonderful family for their love and support in everything that I do, words can't explain my thanks. Kaleb Burkhart for his friendship and overall inspiration, Cameron Porter, Logan Wills, Nathan Moser, Alex Trimpe, Leah Storrs, Emily Butler, Brianne Shulze, Sarah Deford, and all the people that have helped shape who I am today.

Again, special thanks to our family and friends, anyone that has come out to one of our shows, and anyone that has downloaded this album. Any sales of this record will go towards funding our next one, and to a physical release of 'Subside' on CD, Blu-Ray and vinyl.


all rights reserved



Collecting Space Columbus, Ohio

Progressive/Art Rock from Columbus, OH

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Track Name: Within You, Without You
Within you, without you, that's how the river flows
Always knowing what to do, lost with only a view
What to do and what to say, you always say it'll be OK
Out of luck and out of time, losing feeling on the inside

How's it feel to be alone?
Yet another lifeless drone
I'm sorry I'm not like you
I'll do nothing else for you

I always wondered just how it would be
Without you and without me, only space between
Hand in hand, life goes by
With both minds

Within you, without you now
Track Name: Subside
Where do we begin
My love and my friend
Never will life tear us apart
Take each moment as it comes

Spending each day
Side by side
Will our happiness subside?

Missing you was a clue
To how much I cared for you
Writing words and singing songs
Until each day was gone

Spending each day
Side by side
Will our happiness subside?
As my joy turns to fear
Without you near
My life just fades away

Sitting in a room with a view
All I've lost is you
Now that you're gone, I thought you knew
What I'd do for you
Track Name: Moons of Mars
The moons of mars
Swallow the sun
It seems so far
As I call you on the phone
Track Name: Looking In
Staring from the outside looking in
The moonlight aligned in your eyes
Thinking of where we have been
And where we're about to be

I took your hand in mine
And confide in you my deepest fears
You said that I'm out of line
Suddenly you're too near

Sometimes the seasons change too fast
I never thought this wouldn't last
Headlights lead to where I want to go
With the clock ticking way too slow

As I'm leaving quickly as I can
The fiction ruled as best it could
Sunlight peers over the edge of the land
This new day begins as it should
Track Name: Delusion
Alone here again, my friend
Without you, this might be the end
You know my mind has gone astray
To find a way to make you stay

You left here, and now you're gone
And I'm not having too much fun
There must be a way
But the sky is still grey

Losing sleep inside
Where can I hide?
Looking to the sky
Thoughts of what got me so high

Where are you going?
Don't leave me behind
Down the river flowing
We're running out of time
Track Name: Cessation
I know that you're running far away
But the words on my lips are trying to say
How much you mean to me
And inside, my heart screams

I'm trying to get over you
But I can't live without you
Even though my soul rings true
I'm moving on from you

The things that you've said
Are playing through my head
I can't believe this is real
All of this pain that I feel

What makes you think
That you're better than me?
Now that I'm done with you
The sky returned to blue
Track Name: Realistic
Green eyes and summer skies
Light the path through Earth
You and I, we wonder why
What are we to do?

It's raining there
Why should I care?
There's nothing I can do
Except forget you

Many ties and black lies
Insist on defeat
Why should I try to fly
When all I do is drown?

Living life to waste away
Living life to throw away
Living life to fade away
Living life like there's no today
Track Name: Anoesis
Confusion settles in
With you and I, you're gonna win
Darkness takes over our minds
Heavy lies lay foundation inside

Here we go again
Another heartache again
Here we both pretend
That we weren't meant for the end

Awake again at 3 am
My mind's alive with you to defend
A trial of tears to waste away
Subtle eyes are your disguise